Friday, February 24, 2006

13 - 14 Weeks

Except for the roundworm episode things are progressing wonderfully. We're getting some good deals on turkey backs and chicken livers so I'm not completely broke yet. That will happen when I buy the new truck (it's got sooo much space in the back of the cab!). Tonight we will tape ears again. In a couple days I will give him his distemper shot.Savage discovered his tail the other day and now finds it amusing to chase it in circles. R. has been working with him on the "shake" hands command on and off, strictly for the humans' amusement, and today I worked a little with him on that.The speed at which he grasps new commands is startling. So far he's got "sit", "down", and "shake" mastered. He will go into his crate and sit down when I point to it and say "crate". Roll "over" is a little tougher, but I'm making the training sessions as much fun as possible. Because the weather is cold and Sav's not too pleased with being outdoors long we haven't had a lot of opportunity to train on a leash. I'd like to do that before he weighs 100+ and can train me! My baby is now 40lbs and 21" high at the shoulder. Still cute as hell. I had to post another picture of him and Ted since they are such a contrast in size it amazes me.


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