Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Best Friends

This picture shows how much difference 5 months makes. Savage is 26lbs and about 16" high at the shoulder at 10 weeks and 5 days. Ted is 120lbs+ and measures over 32" already at 8 months old. In better lighting you can also see the radical difference in color; Savage's dusty blue-gray and Ted's charcoal blue. Makes me wonder if Savvy's coat will darken as he grows older, too. Their eye-color, also, is different. Savage's have changed from light blue to a dirty bluish amber. Ted's have stayed the same blue as they were when he was a little puppy. Even as young as they (both) are, their heads are very different, Savage's being more short and blockier as opposed to Ted's more streamlined look. Of course the cropped and un-cropped ears lend a completely personal look to each one. I find it fascinating to watch them together.


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