Thursday, February 23, 2006


Poor Savage was diagnosed with roundworms on February 20th. I was warned that most puppies do end up with worms so I brought a stool sample in to my vet to check. They wrote Savage a prescription for Anthelban, which is a medicine in a liquid form that comes in a syringe to feed him with. Apparently it's banana-flavored and he loved his first dose, which R. fed him yesterday. He gets another dose on March 6th, and the third and final dose on March 20th. I can bring another stool sample to the vet after that to check and see if he got reinfected along the way. Which is the problem I'm having. I'm not sure how roundworms' life cycles run, so it's possible that he may get reinfected by eating his poop (though I've never seen him do that) or eating worm eggs that have been tracked into the house. I really don't understand this yet, so I have to do some research. The lab test and treatment was relatively cheap. Time will tell if the treatment works. I don't know what other steps I need to do preventatively. In any case, Savvy's showing no symptoms and feels and looks fine. In the picture above he's playing with Ted, his best friend. While Sav's ears have been untaped for a week while his cuts heal, you can still see the HUGE difference in cropped and uncropped ears. The pups are getting so comfortable with eachother. Ted is now 130lbs, while Sav is a mere 39lbs! It's hilarious watching them interact!


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