Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last weekend I took Savage camping with some friends. Of course he loves being outdoors, and spent a lot of time laying in the grass in the sun. He circled the campfire at our tent site, begging for fried fish. He rested on his dog bed in the front of the boat while I fished, and barked at loons calling out on the lake late into the night.
It was very warm during the day, and I forced Savvy to swim in the lake by leaving him ashore and calling him from the boat. He obviously doesn't like this arrangement at all, but he cools off and stops panting so much. The nights were cold, this still being quite early in the season, and temperatures neared freezing. Savvy slept next to me on his dog bed, and I draped my jacket over him to hold in some heat. Hauling the dog bed, plus his raw food in a cooler, and dealing with the big puppy climbing all over the boat, is a little bit more stressful than going camping with humans only. However, it's all worth it when I see him licking marshmallow toasting sticks at the campsite, curled up in the boat sleeping with his head on a paddle, or just relaxing by the lake in the morning sun.