Sunday, December 30, 2007

White Christmas

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Shoes :(

I recently ordered Savage fleece-lined dog booties online from You're probably wondering why I haven't posted a picture of him looking handsome and warm in his new shoes. What happened was that as soon as I put them on him and we walked outside he slipped and fell. And then fell again. And then ran right into the side of my parked truck because he couldn't stop. The bottoms of the booties are made of slick leather, and are so slippery on packed snow (pretty much everywhere we go) as to make it impossible for my great dane to walk without falling down, which is no fun for him, and potentially injury-inducing. I can easily imagine him crashing into something or falling and breaking a leg while wearing his new booties.
The whole experience was disappointing to me and confusing to Savvy, though the boots themselves were well-made, fit perfectly (XXL), felt really warm, and looked super cute. However, the fact remains that I spent over $30.00 on something I can't use unless I find a way to modify the soles. Maybe there is something I can add to the leather or cover it with that will supply some traction. While the weather lately has been above zero degrees I know it will soon change again. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on fixing my Muttluks, or know of dog booties that keep feet protected and have traction, please leave me a comment below.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snowy Savvy

After a few very cold and windy days we finally got more snow, and lots of it: about 18 inches as of this morning. After being cooped up in the house during the really low temperatures, Savvy was ecstatic to take a walk with me today during the 20 degree "heat wave". He adores deep snow, and we both wallowed around in it like puppies.
I've decided to buy him a set of dog booties because the past below zero days have been rough on him. He can only spend about 10 minutes in these temps before he starts holding up his poor freezing feet. Therefore we can't exercise properly and end up driving eachother crazy indoors. Last November I tried to solve this problem by buying a huge treadmill for him to run on, but that idea didn't take into account my puppy's eccentricities, namely the fact that he's become scared to death of the thing. We're both just going to have to put on more clothes and brave the cold...