Wednesday, October 20, 2010


September and October are generally the times of the year when Savage and I get outdoors the most. There are lots of things to do, cooler weather, beautiful fall colors, and less tourists and visitors on the hiking trails. Of course, lounging on the couch with Eva during football games is an enjoyable part of the season, too.
This year my puppy looks forward to my arrival after work, when we take a walk through the woods to check on my two scouting cameras. These are set up on different deer trails through our property. I mostly maintain them for curiosity's sake, hoping to get a good photo of a big buck, but having the Great Dane galloping around on the deers' turf can't help my chances of seeing anything with antlers.
I did some stream fishing this fall and didn't have much luck, but it's as good an excuse as any to enjoy the last warm days before winter. The pink salmon were running up the shallow rivers in large numbers to spawn, and drove Savvy nuts as he tracked their splashes and pounced on (actually, near) them in the water. I found it very cute, and much more entertaining than the hopeless fishing I was doing.
This coming November brings with it my big guy's fifth birthday. Time passes even more quickly, as Savvy's blue fur turns even whiter around the muzzle.