Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Looking Forward

DSC_0527 by s.namaycush

I know, it's been awhile since I've posted. Our little family has been very busy; we have recently started a new business venture - our own marine engine service and repair shop (my boyfriend is a marine mechanic).
This is turning out to be a great opportunity for all of us. It allows Randy and I to work for ourselves (I'm also keeping my full time job) and it allows Savage to be with Randy and/or me 24/7 again.
Savvy spends his days at "the shop", greeting customers, napping in the sun, and supervising the mechanics. Of course he has all the comforts of home: his blankets, water dishes, and snacks in the fridge, as well as dozens of people petting him and bringing him treats throughout the day. He especially loves the UPS drivers that deliver our parts orders. He stands at the truck door and drools because he knows "big brown truck = dog biscuits".
We've had to work hard to make time for fun so far this summer. I've taken Savvy on a few hiking, fishing, and biking outings, and he still acts like the silly little puppy he once was. His health continues to be excellent and his personality is as gentle and quirky as it always was.
As the business becomes well-established and easier to manage we will no doubt find ourselves with more time to play, and I will be able to update all of Savage's online friends on his adventures. Until then, I hope you have all had a great spring. Randy, Sav, and I are looking forward to an exciting (and successful) summer!