Thursday, April 29, 2010

Savage lost a good friend last week. My parents' springer spaniel/husky mix, Brisco, passed away after a long and happy life with them. Brisco, or "Biscuit", was a quiet, good-natured boy whom my mom called "a perfect gentleman". In his younger days he loved nothing better than leaping off their dock and paddling around in the lake, biting at the waves. He followed my parents when they went trapping, cutting firewood, and visiting other homeowners on the lake. Brisco was a favorite of the neighbor's children, who he grudgingly allowed to dress him up in shirts and a sun bonnet.
In the summer Brisco rode in the bow of the boat, his velvety black ears flapping in the wind, and in the winter he sat contentedly in the box my dad built for him on the back of his snowmobile. As he grew older, they towed a plastic sled behind the snowmobile so he could comfortably go out ice-fishing with us.
Biscuit was more than a pet; he was a constant companion to my mom and dad, and friend to all. He was laid to rest in the forest on the island near our family's other beloved pets that have made their last journey.
Run free and in peace, little "cow-colored" dog. We will always remember your life with us as a beautiful gift.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Bad Dog!

This was once a pillow...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Left Behind

My mom sent me this photo from last summer. When I visit my parent's lake cabin, Savage spends a lot of time exploring the island and running wild. But as soon as I start the boat motor he's right on the dock begging to go with me.
In this case my dad and I dared to go out fishing without poor Savvy, and my mom said he stood on the dock and howled for a good five minutes. At home he hardly has any separation anxiety, but apparently when we're at the lake it certainly applies.
Photo credit: Sherry Powell