Thursday, March 02, 2006

Beautiful Ears

Finally! After letting the cut on his ear heal, which it did quite quickly, R. and I taped Savvy's ears using my modified method of Caulk-Sav'r foam and Zonas tape. Once we got the ears up I decided not to use the brace between the ears. He seemed to have enough control over them and above all I don't want them to lean in over his head. Of course when he is relaxed they fall out to the sides a little but alert they stand perfectly. I believe I've finally found a system where the lower ends of the foam don't pop out of the ear canal. This involves the foam tube as far back in the ear as possible so the fold on the bell of Savage's ear keeps it secured. Then I wrap the tape toward the back and outside of his head, still making sure the natural fold on the lower front of the ear is still allowed to remain. This is probably pretty hard to follow, but for now it's working wonderfully for Savage. And just look at the results! After 7 days up, last night around 8:30pm we took off the tape to let his ears get some air and clean them. The Zonas tape is awesome! It kept Savvy's ears upright and comfortable, as he hasn't been scratching at them, and it adheres to the skin itself (reverse-wrapped on the foam) much better than regular cloth tape. I had heard that it would be difficult to remove so I bought some baby oil to get the glue off, but we ended up not needing it. The removal only took off a few little hairs, in fact, a lot less than the old tape. And with me holding Savage and playing tug with his toy, and R. unwrapping the tape, it was a breeze. I'm sufficiently impressed with this system. Around 11:00pm the upper 1/3s of Sav's ears were starting to relax and fall, though the lower 2/3s were still strong. I wanted to get the tape back on right away so we can continue to progress. I again cleaned inside his ears with 70% alcohol on a cotton ball and there is noticeably less "crud" there than a few weeks ago. Both ears look very healthy. By this time he was so tired that he let me do pretty much whatever I wanted without struggling. We let his ears dry and then taped again in the same way. This morning I notice that one ear is positioned leaning a little too far forward so I may correct that when R. gets home tonight. In any case, I know that each time I tape ears I'm learning much more about what works and what doesn't. It's all a learning experience and I expect to become an expert in a few months!! All kidding aside, Savage is the most beautiful and intelligent puppy in the world, I'm sure of it.

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  1. Danyel said...
    In honor of Savvy's birthday, I had to go back and read some old posts. These pictures are some of the best from his puppyhood. What a looker!

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