Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Countdown To Savage

About a week ago, I finally got the word that my puppy application was accepted! I spent around 2 hours on the phone with my breeder, K., and the conversation ended with me writing a check out for a $500 deposit on a blue male. Naturally I was absolutely ecstatic.
That excitement quickly turned into panic as I realized I had about a million things to do before I was actually ready for a puppy in the house. The last week or so has been spent collecting puppy stuff, calling vets, trying to arrange for food sources (raw diet, remember?), etc. I decided to have 8 week old Savage flown into a town (Minneapolis, MN) 4 hours from my home, and today was chaos trying to arrange to have a friend pick him up, send K. the remainder of my payment, and coordinate everything. Everything is getting down to days. Savage arrives in MPLS on January 10th.
By the way, including ear-cropping and the crate for traveling, the total amount I'm paying my breeder is $1754. I spent $300+ on a crate for my house (Midwest Collosal #99, which is what most dane breeders will reccomend), and will give the airline $180 COD for the flight itself. I was prepared for the expense, but it still is a terrible amount of money. I only know that baby Savage will be worth it!!


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