Tuesday, January 24, 2006

(Chicken) Bones

Thought I'd just post a sample menu of what I'm feeding Savage at this time. I'm following K.'s suggestions pretty closely, but since I don't want to bother her 3 times a day, I'm having to adjust his diet based on the way he looks and my intuition. According to her, I should be able to easily feel his back ribs, but barely see them.
I feed him 3 times a day now. In the morning around 8am I give him a single chicken leg or thigh; this hardly ever varies. Around noon to 1pm is his lunch, and this is where I introduce new foods. I give him 1/4lb of ground turkey mixed well into 1/2 a mashed, boiled sweet potato. Other days he gets lean ground beef or 1/2 can of pink salmon. I plan to add venison and a little bit of organ meats into the schedule soon. My family, friends, and I are all fishermen/women and I usually have freshwater fish (lake trout, walleye, whitefish) on hand, but K. says to limit fish to once a week. I have cubed beef liver in the freezer to use as treats. Savage gets his dinner either when my boyfriend R. gets home at 6pm to 7pm or when I get home between 11pm to 1am. Usually this meal consists of 1 turkey back or 1/2 a chicken leg quarter.Of course when I tell people what I feed, I immediately get the horrified "chicken bones!!?" outburst. I end up trying to explain what I was told by experienced breeders; bones only splinter when cooked (which is how dogs could get harmed eating them) and Savage gets only RAW meaty bones. Well-meaning strangers (and family members!) also automatically assume they can give Savvy treats, which turn out to be those bone-shaped biscuits, or Slim Jims, or "human food" leftovers, all of which K. warned me not to give him. So if you are new to the raw diet be prepared to gently caution people against this. I sometimes say that he is on a specific, health-conscious diet and new foods or treats could irritate his stomach.
As always, I'd like to let people reading this know that I am new to puppy ownership and the raw diet myself, and I am not an expert. This menu is neither a vet-reccomended diet nor a set of rules, simply my personal guidelines.


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