Thursday, December 22, 2005

Good News

One of the kennel owners e-mailed me late last night and sent me her puppy questionnaire and some other information on her feeding program, which is a raw diet. Now this is something I know very little about, and there is tons of research and articles out there. It's intimidating. If you're interested in feeding a raw diet (for health reasons, primarily) stay tuned. I will update this site with info and links as I learn more about it. After reading a few articles about the nutritional failings of commercial pet food, and all the scraps that go into it, you may want to start introducing raw foods into your own dog's diet. Happily, it seems that I may have the opportunity to buy a pup from this litter. But that's jumping the gun. I could have a baby Savage by the middle of January. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!


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