Friday, January 20, 2006

(Dog) Bones

Every day Savage changes and grows so much! The quick growth reminds me that because his bones and cartilage develop so fast compared to other smaller breeds, he should not be over-exercised. I'm told that he should not be climbing stairs or anything like that. Now I'm concerned that I'm not treating him properly since I allow him to climb off our futon, though it is very close to the ground. Another question to ask my breeder next time we talk, I guess. The good news is that his little ears are healing wonderfully. The athletic tape that is wrapped around the styrofoam cup (actually two cups stacked) and fixed to the ears with skin-bond glue is finally peeling off and the tips of his ears are poking out. His ears are growing so fast that there is a noticeable gap between the cup and the top of his head. I have an appointment with a veterinary clinic worker (and fellow dane owner) on the 25th and I hope the cup holds up until then so she can help me putting another one on. By the time the second cup is off, his ears should be completely healed. At this point having the cups on doesn't bother him at all.


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