Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Still Searching

The latest breeder I contacted informed me (after weeks!) that their only available blue male was evaluated as show-potential. Good for them. Disappointing for me. After about a week of moping around, I jumped back into the search for Savage. Tonight I e-mailed a kennel in Iowa and another in Indiana. Both their upcoming and current (respectively) litters are sired by the same male, one I've become semi-familiar with through the internet. The first kennel's litter is due in January, the second's was born November 17th. Hope their responses are quick!!


  1. J. Gily™ said...
    Greetings Paula,

    I am in the research phase of finding a BDB (Blue Dane Boy). Your blog is truly inspiring. Even more inspiring because I am highly interesting, and pretty much leaning towards going with K. of EW Danes.

    I wanted to know a little bit about K. as a breeder. Is she always there for you whenever you have a pressing question? Her danes are covered for the life of the dane correct? Is RAW as easy as it seems? I am so excited, and Savage is absolutely beautiful!

    If you wouldn't mind, please email me your experiences and advise, as it is totally priceless in my eyes!

    Thanks in advance,

    Paula said...
    Jenell, I will email you shortly. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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