Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hard At Work

My boyfriend and I have been working this spring on making our new house livable. The floor plan is roughly 2000 square feet, with a big attached garage, dog door, and fenced-in yard for the pup. Savvy absolutely loves being at the property, because he has lots of room to run, and no busy roads nearby. He follows us all around the house, supervising our work, tearing up rolls of house-wrap and insulation, and generally getting in the way. The picture above is Savage "helping" Randy with the electrical wiring. We are all really looking forward to moving in sometime this summer.


  1. Samantha said...
    So I have just recently found your blog through pure luck, as it would have it, and can't really express the thanks I wish to give you! In just under 2 weeks, I will be the new mom to a blue male Great Dane, and while he isn't my first Dane, I haven't gone through puppyhood in a long time! Your blog has provided so much insight and helpful hints that I somehow feel so much more prepared than I had after reading books! Not to mention the fact that Savage is BEAUTIFUL, and truly embodies the breed standard. I admit that after seeing so many gorgeous pictures, I was rethinking my decision to not crop, but of course, all Danes are beautiful no matter what. Anyway, I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude to you with all of the wondrous help you've unknowingly given me. A huge thank you to both you and Savage :)
    Abbey said...
    I love this photo of curious and seems to be checking the job is done just right... :)
    Danyel said...
    Looks like he brought Randy a brew! Way to go Savvy!
    holly said...
    What a cute helper you have there :) He looks so interested, too!

    Behr Behr :)

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