Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Savvy Is Excellent!

I spend so much time taking pictures for, editing, and reorganizing The Story Of Savage that I rarely check in with my other favorite dog blogs, a few of which have been gracious enough to link back to this site. Imagine my surprise when I was presented with the online "Excellent Blog Award" by a regular visitor to this site (a black dane girl named Behr). In order for me to accept this fun award, there are some rules, listed below:
1. By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, I agree to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy.
2. You can give the award to more people, but please award at least 10.
3. Link back to the person who gave you this award.
Therefore, I would like to pass on the Excellent Blog Award to some of my favorite blogs, in no particular order. All are centered around great danes, naturally.

Behr Rake's Blog
I'll start by returning the favor to Behr by posting the link to her site. It's a pretty informative one, with lots of interesting and funny posts.
Great Dane Addict
Professional photographer + two great danes = amazing photos and inspiration.
Sarah's Dawgs
The online home of Roger the rottie and Nala the dane, and occasional random foster dogs.
Albert The Great Dane
Sarah's elderly brindle dane, Albert, has his own blog, detailing his rescue, fostering, and finally forever home (with Sarah, as it turns out).
Ready For Rally
Leslie's and her dane, Roxy, are just beginning to compete in the canine sport of Rally Obediance and Agility. Visit her blog to follow their training and progress (?).
Blog de Dane
Another Rally novice from Puerto Rico, Huey also competes in Conformation. Oh, and his best friend is a cat named Mr. Bigglesworth.
Gunther The Great Dane
All these talented great danes make me wish Savvy and I had access to these canine sports. Young black male Gunther is active in RallyO and regular Obediance. This blog follows The Gun-man through puppy classes, vet checks, obediance training, and everything in between, including the addition of a younger brother, Truman, to his household.
Lisa hasn't updated Frank's site lately, but it's worth a visit to check out the pictures of a beautiful black dane. Funny enough, her posts ended right after she got a second dane, Django. Maybe she's a big overwhelmed...
Our Girl Blue
Newlyweds add a baby blue puppy to their family. Chaos ensues! But in a good way.
DaDane of DaWeek
Last but not least, this site (while not exactly a blog) deserves a link. Ginnie is another professional photographer, and her great dane portraits and dog show photos are amazing. The posts are usually updated weekly.

I know how much commitment is required to maintain a blog. The sites above deserve recognition, not only because they showcase the magnificent breed that is the great dane, but also because a lot of time, work, and thought went into them. By all means, check out the dog blogs and let the authors know what you think. I really appreciate knowing that people around the world are following The Story Of Savage, and genuinely care about my baby dane. Congratulations to all the Excellent Blog Award winners, and please pass it on!


  1. The PR Gang said...
    Thanks for the recognition and compliment Paula and Savage!! I've been keeping up with your blog for quite some time and you do an awesome job. Love the layout, pics and links. I still have quite a bit to learn about the whole blogging thing but it's fun.
    Thanks again and keep up the great blog!!

    Leslie and Roxy
    HawaiianDane said...
    Thank you Paula for the award of recognition!! You have listed some really great Great Dane blogs! There are a lot more than what I thought. Savy's blog has always been one of our personal favorites. Who could resist looking at that handsome blue?! Thanks Again!
    The Zoo Crew said...
    Congrats on the award! Well deserved!!

    The Zoo Crew
    Great Dane Addict said...
    Thanks for the award Paula!
    Abbey said...
    Congrats on your award Paula...x
    Anonymous said...
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