Monday, February 11, 2008

Shaky Dane

In the last few previous posts I've mentioned Savage having incidences of side-to-side head-shaking which generally last 1 to 2 minutes. From doing a lot of searches on the internet I'm inclined to attribute these episodes to a condition known as idiopathic head tremors. This condition seems to be seen more often in dobermans, boxers, and bulldogs, from what I've read. Enter "idiopathic head tremors" on a search engine and you will find some information, though not a lot. I've also found user-posted videos on YouTube of dogs going through these tremors. Each looks almost exactly like Savage's, one of which I've posted below for anyone interested. Baby Dog has been having these an average of once a day since about a week ago.


  1. Rose said...
    I have a maltese x chihuahua dog who has also been having head tremors. Does your dog collapse when she is experiencing tremors?
    Paula said...
    Not at all, Rose. That might indicate epilepsy or something; scary. Good luck.
    behr rake said...
    Oh no! How heartbreaking this must be for you to watch :( I feel so sad for you, no matter what it is that's wrong with him.
    I don't know about dogs, but people can have what's called a focal (epilepsy) seizure, also called a simple partial seizure. Has a vet checked this out for you to see if this could be the case? (canine epilepsy)

    He's a beautiful boy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Behr (and mom)

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