Sunday, February 10, 2008

Positive Changes

The day after we got back from Savage's vet visit I started him on 1/2 a buffered aspirin twice a day - for both his breakfast and dinner I crushed the aspirin and sprinkled it over his food. I used buffered (coated) aspirin because it is generally gentler on the stomach, and only gave his such a low dose because he has never been on any drugs before, and I hoped a small amount would effect him greatly. In only 3 days the change has been amazing! Even after the first dose his limping decreased noticeably, and he rapidly became more active. Now he is down to 1/2 aspirin once a day and the results continue to be effective. I'm only allowing him a little exercise, though with temperatures as low as 30 degrees below lately he's not inclined to spend much time outdoors, anyway. The limping has virtually disappeared.
I declined to use the Deramaxx he was prescribed because even though aspirin has similar "possible" side effects, there seems to be many more documented cases of stomach ulceration, kidney failure, and even death resulting from the use of Deramaxx than with aspirin. While my decision to give my dog aspirin is ultimately mine alone, I encourage all dog owners to research the medications your dog is prescribed. In Savvy's case, the aspirin is working well, so far with no negative side effects that I can see. Which makes us both happy.


  1. Our Girl Blue said...
    Hi Paula! So happy to hear that Savvy is feeling better! Thanks for posting all the info; it really helps new Dane owners like us to see what can happen in "real life" and how to deal with it. Hugs to the Big Boy from Bella!
    The Zoo Crew said...
    My heart breaks reading about Savvy's struggles. My dane has had a lifetime of medical problems and it's never easy trying to decide on the "right" treatment (even as a medical professional). About a year ago, Kai tore both of his CCLs (ACLs in humans). Even though TPLO surgery is very expensive, I was willing to do it just to improve the quality of life for Kai. But after three veterinary orthopedic surgeons evaluated Kai, they all gave me the same news...Kai is NOT a candidate for the surgery. Up until a few weeks ago, his pain/discomfort was managed very well with Ascriptin (maalox coated aspirin). However, we were eventually up to 2, twice a day, and got to the point where there was no benefit. So we were forced to go with heavier duty meds, which can cause a slew of bad side-affects, but we're looking at the end, so anything to make my boy comfortable! Good luck with Savvy and hope he's better in no time!

    Shannon (Kai's mama)

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