Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lap Dog

For anyone who doesn't actually own a great dane: yes, they DO think they are lap dogs, and they don't care much about YOUR comfort at all. Savage doesn't seem to be aware of how big and heavy he is, or how bony his elbows are. He sees anyone sitting on the couch as an open invitation to crawl all over them. This is my 17-month-old, 145lb puppy sleeping on my boyfriend's lap. When I get home from my bartending job at night they are usually relaxing just like this, and more often than not, I have to wake both of them up in order to claim my own spot on the couch. Sometimes I wonder why I spent so much money on Savage's huge crate, and big, comfy dog bed. At the new house we're building I am already planning to buy another couch just for him.
Postscript to Randy: I just know you'll be understanding about me posting a picture of you in your underwear on the internet for the whole world to see ; ) !


  1. L Dew said...
    I would love to co-link blogs :) I havent been very good updating but I plan on being better now that I have my blue boy coming soon! Frank is also from a blue breeding so you have to kind of love him right? :P

    Savage is gorgeous, and I just spent an hour going through your whole blog and laughing at all the similarities that only another Dane lover could laugh at!
    Foster Mom said...
    Great photo Paula!
    tasgunter said...
    nice pic randy

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