Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Fat" Albert

Introducing Albert! This sweet boy is an older natural-eared brindle dane, rescued from an animal shelter by my friend Sarah (owner of the late Teddy, who has been featured in this blog before). Not much is known about Albert, except that he came from a family with children, and was very good with them. His original owners told the shelter he was 8 years old, but his age was estimated at 5-7 years by a vet. Lately he has had an infected tooth removed, which may have contributed to his low weight (103lbs). His skinny appearance is quite shocking, earning him the fond nickname "Fat Albert" and hopes for weight gain. The shelter had him neutered, and he is recovering from the operation, but his overall health remains suspect. Along with his near-emaciation, he continues to have a persistant cough, and his legs are very weak. His inner eyelids are blocking much of his sight, which could be corrected surgically, but his other problems take precedent at this point.
In spite of all this, Albert is true to the dane breed, being very friendly and sweet, with no hesitation in meeting new friends. I took him for a short walk so I could get to know him, and he proved obediant and attentive. His color is fascinating: a very light fawn with black and blue brindle stripes. His black mask is peppered with grey (making him look very old and wise, in my opinion), while his ears are completely black. Albert is curious about his new surroundings, and gets along with Sarah's other dogs and her cat. He will go to the vet to get checked out on Monday, and because his problems are unknown, and he is still weak, he will not be meeting my big, overwhelming Savage for awhile. I look forward to when I can take them both out walking together this summer.
Albert is a foster dog, and Sarah will be caring for and watching over him until he gets better and becomes adoptable. This boy needs lots of love and attention, and above all, stability. Sarah will be posting updates on the new dane on Albert's Blog, so check it out to see how he's doing. Hopefully we can help Albert recover and find him his forever home.


  1. Foster Mom said...
    Thanks for posting this Paula. Maybe it will help find a home for "Fat Albert"
    Gunther said...
    I've put a link to Albert's blog on Gunther's so maybe some of the people who come to Gunther's blog will be interested.

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