Monday, January 22, 2007

Snowmobile Savvy

I've decided that my puppy is now old enough to run alongside my snowmobile for exercise, and for the last week we've been going out for brief runs on the frozen lake while the weather is favorable. I'm being careful not to push him too hard and we take breaks often to let him calm down. He's discovered a new love of running, and even when I'm idling along slowly he's racing up ahead. After we stop to rest and I start the engine again, he goes nuts barking and whining for the snowmobile to move. I keep the exercise sessions as short as 5-10 minutes, and afterward he doesn't seem the least bit exhausted.
My Savage looks absolutely breath-taking running full speed alongside me, with his long legs and powerful muscles working so efficiently. And I think he really enjoys running. Who would have guessed my lazy pup is such an athlete?
By the way, the backdrop of snow makes it more difficult for me to get really nice outdoor pictures of the dogs so I'm not posting a lot of photos lately. Also, look for an upcoming blog post which will explain more about the wireless fence system and how it's working out for Savage and I.


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