Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Savage - 1, New Truck - 0

This morning it was -15 degrees outside, and windy. Therefore we skipped our morning walk. As usual when he doesn't get exercise early in the day, Savvy busied himself with tearing up cardboard boxes and charging around the house and basically being a pain in the butt. I know he's bored but he doesn't even want to go outside for a few minutes when it's cold, so R.'s son and I tried to entertain him indoors.
Around noon, with temperatures climbing to 20 degrees, I loaded him in my new (to me) truck and drove to my place of work to meet some snowmobile customers, and I left Savage in the truck for about an hour and a half. Usually he's a perfect angel and has never torn the seatcovers, or chewed on the belts or anything. Except for a few pawprints and short grey hairs, the truck was spotless... But not anymore. Now the back seat upholstery is shredded, and torn blobs of foam are scattered all over the cab. And Savvy's daddy and mama are pretty pissed off.
But it's hard to be mad at him when I know that I should have spent some time in the morning doing something, anything with him to alleviate his boredom and exhaust some of his energy. Tomorrow we will take a morning walk (even if it has to be brief) and I will begin to patch up my back seat as much as possible. Ugh.


  1. Gunther said...
    OMG. Look what that sweet little baby did! Wow, talk about getting rid of some energy. I think he did a pretty good job of it. Do you think that he wanted to come in with you and not stay in the truck? I know you had to be pretty pissed, hell, I would have been. But, I have a friend who's dane goes through about 1 couch every 2 weeks. So maybe you can find some comfort in that. LOL.

    This is the time when you get the baby pictures out and look at them, and think about how cute he was when he was 20 lbs.
    Duane said...
    I can relate to what Savi has done. A few years ago we had taken Harley to Melanie's, (Kim's mentor)and had left him in the van while we went in to make sure it was ok to bring him in. I might add that he had only been there before to breed a female. While we were in he chewed the driver seatbelt in two. It was as though it had been cut with a knife, a dull knife, but it was chewed right across. I cost me $250 to get it replaced as it couldn't be repaired. They have a way to let you know they are frustrated, don't they.

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