Monday, November 06, 2006

Treadmill 101

Savvy's first introduction to the new treadmill was quite entertaining. Though he's not frightened of it, he's still wary, and even more so when his Mama is on it walking absolutely nowhere. The way he acts when I'm on it is not unlike his excitement when I'm on the bicycle. I think he just wants to go with me, wherever I'm going, but the treadmill probably confuses him quite a bit. He'll step onto it, sniff around it, and even sit on it when the motor isn't running, but I think it will take a very long time to get him to walk contentedly on it. For now we're taking it verrrry slow, and I'm not going to push him into something he's not happy about doing. In the meantime, the warm spell of weather allows us to do our daily walks in comfort, so we're not in a hurry.
However, the first morning with the treadmill, I turned it on for a few minutes to let him get used to the sound of the motor, and then hopped on to try it myself. Savage seemed to be terribly concerned with where I was going, excited, tail-wagging, but also a bit worried. Then he began howling! I've never heard him howl, and even though I should have been sympathetic toward him, it was so hilarious that I had to start egging him on. I even took a short video of him howling to share with R., since he's never heard him howl either.
I ended up uploading the video to the internet because it's so funny. It requires MacroMedia Flash Player 8 to view, but it's worth it, in my opinion. I'd like to add that the video quality is not so great, considering it was taken with my digital camera, and the house was quite dark. Also, the place we're living in is an absolute mess after moving everything around to accommodate the treadmill (it's huge!). But the sound really comes through, and the cuteness of my baby dane is very apparent. If you'd like to see the video CLICK HERE!


  1. Gunther said...
    Ok, I have stopped laughting at Gunther's reaction to playing the video of Savy for him. Gun could see Savy on the screen and now I have nose prints all over my monitor. LOL. I wasn't sure if Gunther would join in with the howling or not, but he did the second time I played it for him. Savy is so cute and he is still such a puppy. Thanks for sharing the video with us.
    Laura Marxen said...
    I was going to post a comment on this post to begin with, just to say I saw the vid, it was cute, whatever. Then when I read Gunther's post, I had to laugh because Bayshek had the same reaction to the video, and howled and howled. He knew it was his chum, and probably sensed Savage's distress and excitement. Thanks for the video, and good luck with the treadmill!

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