Monday, November 20, 2006

Backseat Driver

Even in my huge four-door truck, my Savi, in true Great Dane fashion, feels the need to be practically on top of me even when I'm driving. This is accomplished by sitting on the backseat with just his front feet on the floor and his big head resting (heavily) on my shoulder. Obviously, my visibility is compromised quite a bit with Savage lumbering around inside the cab, which probably makes my driving not quite as safe.In any case, driving safety completely flew out the window briefly when I was taking these pictures, cruising down the Gunflint Trail with one hand petting my puppy and one clicking away on the camera. Who says you can't steer a truck with one knee?


  1. Laura Marxen said...
    ...and if you think driving is difficult with Savage in the backseat, try eating a sandwich!
    Emilie said...
    This is freaky Paula! I hope you're wearing your seatbelt!!
    Paula said...
    Indeed, you can see that I'm wearing a seatbelt. "Good for you!"

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