Monday, August 04, 2014

A New Friend

This summer I've been dog sitting my boss's yellow labrador puppy, Reno, almost daily, and so Savage has a new friend (whether he likes it or not!). They spend most of their time together play-fighting in the grass, and I love seeing my old boy acting like a puppy again.

I also think being around Savvy is helping to teach Reno manners around other dogs. Sav tolerates his high energy very well but doesn't hesitate to put the puppy in his place when he starts getting out of control.

At 7 months old Reno is still learning what is expected of him and testing his boundaries. I'd forgotten how much attention and time having a puppy takes. As he's gotten older Savvy has gotten more predictable and I don't worry as much over him anymore. 

My Great Dane is currently enjoying his 8th summer. Thanks to our blog followers who have been with us from the beginning or joined us partway through the journey. I hope you are all having an excellent summer, as well!

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  1. Jennifer said...
    Yay for new friends! Savage is looking amazing too!!

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