Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Bed Of His Own

Savage received his new log bed as a gift from Randy's daughter and her husband. It was custom-made to fit in a corner of the living room in the new house by an Amish furniture maker from southern Minnesota. The only problem is that my puppy's old twin-size mattress didn't fit in the frame, so we got him a new mattress and then split open the end, cut and twisted the wire springs to fit, and then stitched the end closed again. I would love to say that Savage absolutely adores it, but at the same time we also got a new living room couch, so he spends most of his nap time on that. True to his Great Dane nature, he always wants to be right next to (or preferably sitting ON) his people.


  1. Lindsay said...
    That bed is sooooooo awesome!! My dogs are totally jealous!
    brooke said...
    Wow what a fancy bed Savage! You're one lucky dog!
    Tucker said...
    That bed is pawesome!

    woof - Tucker
    Kennedy said...
    Love, love, LOVE the bed. But of course, they always want the humane spots of comfort. :)
    kaj said...
    That bed is amazing !!!! i love it. what size mattress do you have on it?? would love to make something like that for my girl.

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