Friday, March 06, 2009

New Boots

Yesterday I bought Savage another (!) pair of booties, foolishly hoping that they would fit. In the package they looked pretty big, and they were the largest size the company made (XXL) so I figured we'd give them a try. The weather is significantly warmer up here now, but I'd like to find warm, durable booties with good traction for next winter's below zero weather. These ones seemed like the answer.
Sadly, though I can get them on his paws, they don't actually fit correctly. First of all, they are just too tight. Second, they are not tall enough - the two velcro fasteners wrap around the top of his foot instead of the pastern. This causes them to slip off within minutes. My boy was patient with me having to put them back on, tighten them, etc., but after a while I decided that these ones just won't work either. The failure of these booties is especially disappointing, because they look well-made and the sole and toe are covered with a material the company calls "elephant hide", which, in the half-hour or so he wore them, gave Savage great traction on hard-packed snow, deep snow, and slush. For $14.95 in the store, these dog boots were relatively inexpensive (and my baby dane looked very handsome in them!). If you want more information you can visit Kondos Outdoors. They also manufacture sled dog gear and accessories, and human stuff, too!


  1. The PR Gang said...
    He sure looks cool in his new boots. Too bad they're not the right size. Maybe you need to make your own?! A new business perhaps?
    Honey the Great Dane said...
    Aw - what a shame! Your booties look so cool!

    Hey - maybe you could ask your human to contact the company and see if they would make up a special XXXXL size one just for you? My human has done that with coats for me, when she's seen a nice one but the biggest size still doesn't fit me...she says it's called "custom-made" and it can be a bit more expensive but sometimes, it's worth it if you get exactly what you want (and it's something you really need!) The companies are usually really nice and happy to help.

    Honey the Great Dane
    HawaiianDane said...
    bummer they didnt fit. He does look pretty stylish in them though!!

    Have you checked these out:

    Not sure if these would fit but they guarantee your $ back!
    Tanya Kristine said...
    i gave up on the boot theory and now i use Tuff-Foot for my big boy. it works GREAT!!!! look it's a liquid that hardens their pads...

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