Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Savvy's Tooth

For the morbidly curious, here is a picture of poor Savage's extracted canine tooth. Because it was so damaged already, the tooth broke in half during the beginning of the surgery. Dr. Hanson said it was badly infected and probably the worst case he's seen.
On a lighter note: Savvy's swollen nose returned to normal soon after I started giving him more aspirin, and is now acting like himself again. Yesterday he got his first post-surgery chicken back meal, which he ate without hesitation. Today we played fetch for a bit, and he had no problem carrying around his tennis ball. I've been giving him smaller doses of aspirin every day now, and he'll soon be done with the antibiotics. I'm hoping that this is the end of his dental problems.


  1. dewdana said...
    Moose and I hope so too! Sounds like a rough few weeks!
    Behr Behr said...
    Ouch! That looks like it must have hurt a LOT! Poor Savvy!
    Glad he's feeling better now, tho. You can just call him "snaggle tooth" :) Just kidding.

    I left him a little surprise on my blog.

    Behr Behr :) See the Jan. 22nd post
    Abby said...
    Poor Savvy! We hope you feel better. Sending snuffles and woos.
    Abby, Olivia and Taz
    HawaiianDane said...
    wow - that is a big extraction! Glad to hear that Savage is doing better. I know that had to hurt! How does he look without the tooth?!
    MONA AND THE MOMMY! said...
    Hi Savvy,

    My name is Mona and I have been doing a feature on my blog called "the Strings of Friendship A-Z and since I didn't have a great dane yet I choose you. Hope you don't mind. Come over and check it out.

    Sorry your having problems with your teethies. That tooth look loke it hurt.

    Can we be friends.

    Mona and the Mommy too!!
    Ruby said...
    Hi Savage
    I'm sorry about your broken tooth. It sounds painful. I hope you are feeling better. Do you visit Northwestern Vet Hospital in Thunder Bay. I live in Thunder Bay. It was nice to visit your blog.
    Amber-Mae said...
    Hi Savage! Oh my, it must have been sooo painful to have a cracked toofy. I am glad it's taken out before it got worst!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer
    Danyel said...
    Wowser! That's quite an ordeal. Glad Savvy is all fixed up!

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