Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

No cake, no singing, no silly party hat this year. Just Savage, Randy, and me hanging out and relaxing in our new house.
Because we are pretty much living in the guest bedroom and most of our things are stored there while the rest of the house comes together, Savvy's bed (an old twin mattress) is set up out in the empty living room area. Which is not to say that Savvy actually spends much time out there. Being a true "Velcro dog" (he sticks close to his mama and daddy), he started laying his big head on our queen-sized bed and giving me sad puppy eyes, so I relented, and now he stretches out and naps on our bed until Randy and I kick him off at bed-time.
He's getting more comfortable with his new home, and the loves to race around our yard. Can't wait until next year when we have grass for him to roll in and tear up. We have lots of deer on our property, and Savage feels it's his duty to alert us to their presence, but nothing more. I actually set up a trail camera close to the house, but I mostly end up with pictures of a great dane instead of a big buck. During deer season he barely goes anywhere without his 2" blaze orange collar on, and I'd like to once again include the link to Morrco Pet Supply, where I bought it. If your dane spends much time outdoors during hunting season, the safety aspect is well worth it (especially for fawn-colored danes. Seems that they are called fawns for a reason!).
My baby Savage turned 3 years old this year. It's amazing that we've been together that long. Sometimes I think the time has gone by so slowly, considering the exhausting training, stressful vet visits, endless raw food packaging, etc. But on November 17th I remember swimming in the lake with him, sharing his joy over new squeaky toys, cuddling together on the couch, and laughing at his unique reactions to the world, and the reality is that 3 years can truly fly by. Happy Birthday, my awesome blue guy, and many more!


  1. Anonymous said...
    The years truly do pass us by quickly, until one day our dogs are seniors and we can hardly remember puppyhood. For anyone who has a dog, take a minute to give them a hug and let them know how important they are to you. I told Bayshek that almost every day, and now I speak to Kita. Those simple gestures will make memories of every minute you spend with a dog. Happy Birthday Tab, from Laura and Kita.
    Ayla said...
    Happy birthday Savage!

    May it be filled with yummy treats, lots of extra snuggles and some special play time with your humans and doggie friends!!

    All the best & Newfie kisses galore!
    Anonymous said...
    Happy B'day Savvy... we have a blue girl now... I remember waiting for our 1st Dane and reading all of Savvys pup adventures so I would have an idea of what we were in for...

    Hes lookin fine!
    Danyel, Bowser & Ashlyn said...
    Sorry we missed your special day! Happy Belated 3rd Birthday, Savage! You're still one handsome fella!
    Woof! said...
    Happpy Belated Birthday!!! You're real big!!!

    Woof! said...
    Happy Birthday!!!! You're real big!!!

    The Zoo Crew said...
    Happy Belated Birthday, Savvy!

    The Zoo Crew

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