Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Eighty Point Five

Well, it's official. My great dane is fat. At his veterinarian visit yesterday I was absolutely shocked by the read-out on the scale: 180.5lbs!
While he is a true giant breed dog, he is overweight. I blame this on lack of regular exercise this winter, as well as not cutting back on his food during that time. Savage also has a way of convincing everyone around him that he's starving at all times, so he can get treats from anyone. Great danes are known to be susceptible to bone and joint problems even at a healthy weight, so any gain at all just adds to the risk of health problems. In addition, excess weight can lead to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, hip dysplasia, etc.
Therefore, I need to get him back in shape as soon as possible. This means increasing his exercise and endurance, while at the same time reducing his calorie intake. Sounds simple, but I know it will be tough for me to commit to getting him out running, rain or shine, and for Randy to resist his sad, droopy puppy-dog eyes when he's eating his dinner.
Lately we have been doing more biking and walking, and I did put him on a diet, but I have to admit that I have to get more aggressive about this. His nickname is still "Fat Boy", after all. 180.5! It boggles the mind...


  1. L Dew said...
    oh man I am in the same boat as you. Django weighed in at 201 last week. I nearly choked. I would say he is a good 10 over!
    Our Girl Blue said...
    Wow! What a beautiful photo, though - he's one handsome boy!
    Mindy Lu said...
    BARK! WOW, you are one BIG BOY! Mommy heard girls dont get that big, but I wonder how big Max will get. He always acts hungry, and used to try to eat my food too, until daddy set him straight. BARK! Sasha the princess
    Anne said...
    Better get running! Now that the weather is nice, it shouldn't be too hard to have fun and it'll be great for you too! I hate getting on the scale and almost laughed out loud that I was hoping for a LOWER number for Booker at the vet on Monday. Definatley a chick-phobia!
    Our Girl Blue said...
    Hey, Savage! Stop by my page when you get a minute - there's something for you over there!

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