Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Busy Week

Last weekend was fishing opener, and of course I brought Sav's bed along in the boat and his fleece jacket in case it got a little too chilly. Just as he has the last two summers, he enjoyed boating immensely, and loved eating the minnows we used as bait. Afterwards he got a meal of rainbow trout and mashed sweet potatos.
During the week we have all been working to get things done in the new house, and I brought an old twin mattress up to the property so Savage has a comfy place to relax in the yard.
Yesterday we drove 140 miles to the nearest big city to buy more construction materials and I also finally got my dog a Halti headcollar. I've been considering the benefits of one for awhile, and this morning I put it on briefly and he didn't seem to mind after a couple minutes. I'll be working with him on his acceptance of the Halti, and also the heel command using it as a training tool. When I get some more time I will be posting more about the Halti, it's specifications, uses, and how my great dane is doing with his. I've heard good things from other dog owners and I'm really optimistic about this.


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