Thursday, March 20, 2008

Looking Forward

Due to internet access problems I haven't posted to the blog in a month or so. I'm glad some of you are still checking in and looking for updates on my baby dane. So here you go:
Savvy has only had a couple of head tremor episodes since the last post, and none at all (that I have noticed) in the last three weeks. His limping is still intermittant, but goes away quickly with a day of rest. I now have him on his normal vitamin B complex pill to boost energy and maintain cardiovascular function, plus a complete amino acids supplement which is supposed to promote healthy tissue growth. I still have more research to do, but so far the the pills seem to be safe for him. I'd be interested to know if any dog-owners visiting Savvy's blog use these dietary supplements for their pets.
Savage has admittedly gotten a little overweight through all of this, so when he is active and healthy we are stepping up his exercise. His food intake remains the same, because I want to make sure he's getting all the nutrition he requires.
I promise to post more in the upcoming months. We are both looking forward to summer, and waiting for the snow to melt so our hiking options are more interesting than wandering around frozen lakes and trails.


  1. Abbey said...
    Hey Paula, good to have u back, was worried bout you Savvy..So glad the head shakes have settled down. Sorry I cant help you with the supplements, the only chels has is Fish oil capsuals at one meal and apple cider vineagar at the other...

    He may of put on weight but hes looking beautiful to my biased
    Anonymous said...
    Yay! I'm so glad the tremors are slowing down/stopping!!! I hope this is the end of whatever was happening, and he can go back to his normal life again:)He's such a beautiful boy!!! We were looking for a blue male when we found our little black female and fell in love with her. :)

    As for nutritional info, maybe check in to the "great dane lady" s website and see if she mentions the supplements.

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