Friday, January 11, 2008

Dashing Through The Snow...

Savvy and I have a New Year's resolution to tackle in 2008; we both need to lose a little weight. At 160+ lbs, my 26-month-old puppy is not really fat, but inactivity on colder days, and me being out of shape and motivation, has added some extra pounds on him. We are now walking absolutely every morning (snow or shine) for at least 30 minutes, and making time to play catch with the tennis ball. What really gets him moving is playing with his friends, so we'll be spending more time with Nala, especially since they can run wild on the lake in the winter without getting in trouble or going anywhere near a road.
By the way, this date is also a cause for celebration for our little family. Two years ago on January 11th Savage came home for the very first time, to live with Randy and me! You can check out his puppy pictures and read about his first month with us here. It's been a wild ride so far, and so worth it. Thank you, Kim, for allowing me to share my life with such a sweet, gentle soul.


  1. Abbey said...
    Hi, loving your blog, you'll have to forgive me for being slow as I am way back in Feb the way I love your Dane, so gorgeous
    The Muehli's said...
    Just found your blog on and wanted to pass on a You Make My Day Award to you - because your ears are the best!! Learn all about it on my blog :)

    Newfie kisses!
    Gus and Louie said...
    Wow time sure does fly. We brought Louie home the weekend after Labor Day this year when he weighed like 5 pounds. Now he is 6 months old and almost as tall as Gus. He isn't quite as fast as Gus but he is gaining ground every day.. Yes these puppies are truly God sends to share their love with us...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie
    Ben_Benjamin said...
    Oh I love this pic!!! pawsome.
    The Zoo Crew said...
    Yippeeee!! Another blue dane :) Look forward to following along on your adventures!

    Peace + Paws,

    Kai from The Zoo Crew
    Cubby said...
    Great picture!

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