Saturday, October 14, 2006

First Snow

A couple days ago we got our first snowstorm of the year. It's already melting, but Savvy got to go out and play around in it for two days. And he's absolutely in love with snow. Even though last winter his feet got cold and he didn't want to stay outside too long he still took advantage of every minute. Yesterday I (reluctantly) got up in the morning and took him out walking in the cold and windy weather and he had a blast pouncing and darting around in it, though there was only about 5" on the ground. R. started one of the snowmobiles to move it, and Savvy got all excited. I'm not looking forward to getting him to fit on one this winter.I promised to post pictures of Savage's new hooded sweatshirt. He should only need a coat in the coldest weather, and hopefully I'll find him warmer clothes for that. This hoodie I bought online, and this was the largest size it came in. Keep in mind that my 120lb puppy isn't even a year old yet and still has lots of growing to do. You can see how the hoodie is much shorter lengthwise than it should be, and too tight around the shoulder/chest area, which is why the collar isn't buttoned. The hood itself can't fit comfortably over his ears, even if I took out the elastic. Still, if he does get cold this fall, it will be useful just to preserve some of his body heat. Doesn't seem to restrict his movement at all, though when I first put it on him he wasn't too pleased. And it only cost $18 or so. Compared to most of my purchases for him that's nothing.


  1. Emily said...
    The hoodie does look a little tight in the front. Is it pink of red?
    Paula said...
    It actually is red, represented poorly by my camera. He'll need a new coat that fits well for winter.
    sm1021 said...
    He is such a beautiful Dane. You have done a wonderful job with him. I love looking at the new pictures of him and his hoodie. LOL. What a cutie!
    Laura Marxen said...
    The last time I saw Savvy in the snow he was much smaller! I miss hanging out with him. China does too! I liked the savage lexicon. How many times I have heard you say (yell) these commands to him!

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