Tuesday, May 30, 2006

First Swim!

Today Savage finally decided to try swimming! Yesterday on the way back from R.'s cabin on McFarland Lake I waded across a river and Sava followed me, and I think that gave him confidence. The water is getting warmer and the weather is positively hot. So this morning we went down to the shore and while fetching sticks my puppy actually was swimming, all four feet off the bottom, even though that only lasted for moments. But I'm so proud of him because now he understands that he is indeed able to swim and I'm sure he'll be doing it constantly this summer.
The only terrible thing about this time of year is the blackflies which are really hard on my little pup. His belly is covered with bites where the fur is so thin, and though it doesn't seem to bother him at all it still looks really irritated. My friend is having the same problem with her dane and is trying some bug spray that is made to be safe for dogs, so I'll see how it works for her.
By the way, an error occured with my website host and wiped out most of the pictures in the photo gallery. I will be working to get them back online, but it will take awhile. I hate computers!:)


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