Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Riding In Cars With Dogs

This weekend R., Savage, and I took a trip to Duluth, MN, which is 140 miles from our home, strictly on account of the puppy. First of all, we had to buy dog food because he was running out of his usual fare, and secondly, we needed a place to store all of his food. So, yes, I finally got my chest freezer!! Maybe only a raw-feeding great dane owner could get so excited about a freezer, but it is pretty much necessary at this point. It's a 7 cubic foot GE model I got for $188, and is already filled with goodies. The third reason we went is to shop around for my new truck (or should I say Savage's new truck?). I do want a pick-up to tow a boat or a snowmobile trailer with, but because of the dog, I feel it has to be a four-door truck. We looked at a lot of beautiful and expensive new trucks but found a decent deal on a used four-door with a towing package. So maybe I'll take the leap into truck ownership very soon. I do know that my Cavalier, and R.'s S10 pick-up get very crowded with an almost-5-month old dane climbing around in them. No matter what we drive (as you can see in the picture) the only place Sava wants to be is in the driver's lap, though this isn't terribly safe, and won't be possible for much longer. Since he was a tiny puppy, he rides in any car comfortably and contently. He has never chewed or otherwise destroyed anything in our vehicles, and if left for more than a couple minutes, usually just curls up and takes a nap. On a longer trip, he'll eat in the car, but is not thrilled about eating in a parking lot where there's a lot going on. He's used to drinking out of a short cup on car rides, probably because I give him water from a plastic glass when he's at the bar. I try to give him bottled spring water only, (which is what he gets at home) but there are some situations where that's not possible. No matter, I don't think that's so very important, as long as he stays hydrated. It's fun to travel with Sav because there are so many new things for him to see and I love introducing him to new experiences. However, the honking Canada geese in a pond near the store where we took a walk gave him quite a start. If he was intended to be a hunting dog, he would have a lot to learn! He loves meeting new people, and readily approaches unfamiliar dogs, though I am sure to keep him leashed very near me. The business and noise of the city can make him a little nervous, but I think he's doing very well so far.


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